Industrial engineering

Our team has extensive experience in the design and construction of industrial construction.

The Company’s competence in this area has grown at the most advanced food production facilities.

Work in accordance with the standards of industrial enterprises allows us to make informed technical decisions to ensure safe and reliable implementation of operations.

Our experience in the field of industrial construction covers various industries and types of facilities:

  • industrial buildings
  • warehouse complexes
  • auxiliary facilities
  • production infrastructure facilities (external engineering networks and communications, boilers, cooling centers, energy centers, etc.)

We actively participate in following projects: reconstruction, modernization, technical re-equipment of operating facilities.

The company also has experience in designing hazardous production facilities (HPF).

Commercial construction

Commercial construction projects, shopping centers, retail stores continue to actively develop in the segments of small and medium-sized areas.

Our company took part in the redevelopment of the «Passage» shopping center and completed several projects for shops and food-courts.

We worked on the projects of office real estate in the redevelopment of a former weaving factory into the «B+ class» office center «Galatex».

In the field of commercial construction we perform work for the following objects:

  • multifunctional complexes
  • office buildings
  • shopping and entertainment complexes
  • retail-shops
  • hotels and apartments
  • airports
  • other public buildings

Проектирование и строительство элитных жилых комплексов и частных апартаментов

The company has extensive and successful experience in the high-end housing:

  • suburban houses and complexes
  • SPA complexes
  • apartments in high-end residential complexes

We work on objects with a unique and expensive finish, providing the necessary level of comfort for their owners.

Experience of work with unique objects allowed us to expand our abilities in work on residential objects of a business class and an high-end segment.

Medical construction

One of the important and interesting directions of development of our company.

Construction and reconstruction of medical facilities: hospitals, clinics, industrial complexes is actively developing in recent years, whereas we are working with the objects of new construction, reconstruction, modernization and major repair works.

We carry out complex engineering design of internal and external engineering networks for objects of various medical technologies. We have experience in designing complex ventilation and air conditioning systems for operating rooms, laboratories and industrial complexes.

Working with medical technologists, we select the best design technical solutions.

Energy construction

We perform design and installation works of energy infrastructure facilities (boilers, power plants, etc.):

  • external and internal electrical networks up to 10 kV
  • 0.4 kV internal power supply networks
  • transformer stations (10/0.4 kV , 6/0.4 kV)

We work with objects of heat&power supply of housing and industrial construction:

  • boiler rooms for various fuel types
  • central heat points (CHP)
  • individual heat points (IHP)
  • power parks
  • cooling parks
  • power plants (diesel, gas, cogeneration)