• Design work

    The success of many construction projects largely depends on the quality of the developed design solutions.

    Conceptual architectural solutions largely determine the commercial success of projects and technical solutions determine the cost of construction and the volume of expenditure.
    The complexity of solutions significantly affects the timing of design and construction of facilities. Engaging a strong team of architects and engineers creates powerful synergies.

    «Kolme Engineering» has the ability to act as a comprehensive designer general in cooperation with leading world and Russian architects, participating in the development of the project concept from the earliest stages and till the stage of «Working documentation».

    The constant volume of design work performed by our specialists includes a set of works on internal engineering systems and external engineering networks. In the framework of project implementation, we can assume responsibility for collection of the initial permissive documentation, obtaining technical specifications for resource-efficient organizations and implementation of approved decisions.

    Our specialists have experience in the design of hazardous production facilities of various purposes: boilers, cooling parks and etc.

    We participate in BIM design projects with the development of 3D models.

    The company has created the BIM Modeling Center, which aims to develop projects in the field of creating complex engineering systems using BIM modeling tools. BIM Design Center helps our partners in the development of BIM-projects. The center’s activities contribute to the development of BIM design projects and the standardization of BIM model creation processes.

    Our specialists have been trained and have extensive practical experience.

  • BIM-services

    The BIM Modeling Center of the company creates information models of the engineering infrastructure of construction objects using modern software systems.

    In addition, the center provides the following services in the field of BIM modeling of objects:

    • Creating a BIM model of existing objects. Including certification of objects, preparation of initial data for reconstruction. To create models used including laser scanning
    • Placement of the BIM model of the object on the site, taking into account protective zones, geology and terrain, existing communications and transportation opportunities
    • Creation of variant conceptual BIM-models of technical and engineering solutions
    • Preparation of a single BIM-model for visual visualization of design solutions taking into account all the requirements for development
    • Check BIM-model for design intersections
    • Integration of project data from different software environments into a single BIM model
    • BIM integrator as a technical customer at the design stage from the Customer’s side
  • Design for manufacturing

    Technological sections of projects are the basis of many projects.

    The experience of our specialists in food production and industrial construction is closely connected with various technological solutions. Continuous development of production processes requires precise work in terms of modernization and reconstruction of existing solutions.

    Deep knowledge of the engineering features of the projects enables specialists to develop high-quality integrated technological and engineering solutions.

    Due to the wide possibilities of BIM-modeling, we can simulate optimal solutions in the current production conditions.

    The experience of our specialists covers the following projects:

    • Organization of safe flows in production
    • Organization of the processes of traffic and people on the territory of the enterprise
    • The organization of inputs to the production and sanitary checkpoints
    • Organization of rest rooms in the workplace
    • The company also has experience in designing hazardous production facilities (HPF).
    • Reconstruction of production cooling systems
    • Reconstruction and modernization of warehouses
    • Reconstruction of catering establishments
    • Elevator Reconstruction
    • Reconstruction and modernization of production lines
  • Construction

    Complex projects require full responsibility for the complex of all works where we act as a General contractor including construction and installation works, on engineering systems and networks and finishing works.

    We engage qualified and proven subcontractors to perform General Contracting works, ensuring high quality of work and prompt execution of works.

    Construction management functions are performed by professional project managers with extensive experience in foreign and leading Russian companies.

  • Installation of engineering systems

    We have an extensive experience in the installation of internal engineering systems in operating enterprises.

    We perform work on mechanical systems:

    • Heating and ventilation
    • Refrigeration and air conditioning
    • Heat supply (heat points)
    • Water supply and sanitation

    For electrical and low current systems:

    • Fire alarm and fire warning system
    • Communication networks (SCS, LAN, radio, television)
    • Security systems (ACS, burglar alarm, video surveillance)
    • Automation and dispatching

    Works are performed by qualified our own specialists with a wide experience of work on objects of different functionality.

  • Cooling systems

    The specialists of “Kolme Engineering” have an extensive experience in the implementation of complex projects of cooling systems.

    We participate in projects of design, construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of cooling systems.

    In the process of complex design, our specialists develop the entire scope of necessary documentation sections for the evaluation of project documentation.

    The portfolio of implemented projects includes projects using both freon and ammonia chillers. Our experts have developed documentation for the examination of Industrial Safety Expertise(ISE), followed by the conclusion of ISE verdict into the register of «Russian Technical Safety Expertise».

    All company specialists are certified to perform such works.

  • Automation and Dispatching

    Efficient automation and dispatching system is essential system in order to ensure high-quality climate control in the building and ensure efficient use of resources.

    The value of resources and high operating costs associated with high heat and energy consumption requires attention to existing solutions in this area from investors and the choice of effective solutions at the planning stage of the project.

    Our experience in this field is closely linked with technical solutions of our partners in the field of automation and dispatching such industry leaders as: Siemens , Honeywell and Johnson Controls.

    We carry out a complex of works on design, supply of installation and dispatching facilities, installation and commissioning works of automation systems and dispatching systems of various levels of complexity.

  • Climate control

    Innovative Climotion technology is developed in form of the intellectual control algorithm and patented in 90s by German engineer Albert Bauer.

    Climotion working principle is based on a uniform distribution of air in the premise which is ensured by the integration of solutions for creating and managing climatic conditions.

    Climotion, to date, is an innovative and effective solution for the Russian market of engineering systems.

    The system has several advantages over traditional systems:

    • Maximized level of even air distribution
    • No “dead” spots (with possibility of stagnant air)
    • Low blower speed
    • Minimal level of temperature stratification (low temperature gradient in the premises within high ceilings premises)
    • Adaptive work with a steep increase of people in the premise by monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration (Co2)
    • High quality of air at lower air exchange rates
    • No need for installation of radiators, fan coils, cold ceilings

    Benefits from using:

    • High-energy efficient solution for rooms with high ceilings (airports, production buildings, theaters, concert halls, atriums, shopping centers).
    • Highly effective solutions for premises that require a constant temperature and humidity regime (museums, libraries, swimming pools, greenhouses)
    • The system can be used both for new construction and for the reconstruction of existing facilities.
    • Reducing the cost of design and installation (there are no heating systems, zone cooling, much less supply diffusers and vent gratings)
    • Reduction in the cost of maintenance of engineering systems
    • Electrical and thermal energy saving (30-70%)
    • High quality and comfortable indoor climate